14 Famous fairy tales

Af H. C. Andersen
Forlag: Carlsen
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Varenummer: 9788711223451
ISBN13: 9788711223451
Antal sider: 138
Udgivelsår: 2005
Sprog: eng
Original sprog: Dansk

Hans Christian Andersen's famous fairy tales have enchanted readers around the world for generations.

- The Little mermaid
- The Princess on the Pea
- The Nightingale
- The Steadfast Tin Soldier
- The Emperor's New Clothes
- The Ugly Duckling
- Clumsy Hans
- The Swineherd
- The Tinder Box
- The Els Mound
- The Shpherdess and the Chimney-Sweep
- What the Old Man Does Is Always Right
- The Little Match Girl
- It's Quite True!

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