Award of Contracts in EU Procurement


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  The award phase is of crucial importance for the outcome of the competition for the contract and it is therefore not surprising that it has been considered in thousands of public procurement disputes in the Member States of the EU.

The subject of this book has for obvious reasons already received scholarly attention in the many books and articles on EU public procurement law. However, the existing literature has seldom been based on a comparative approach covering a broad range of Member States of the European Union with diversified national approaches to EU public procurement law. The present publication is original in this sense and consequently provides the reader with an insight that cannot be found elsewhere. 

Foreword by the Editors of the European Procurement Law Series
Award of contracts covered by the EU Public Procurement rules in Denmark - by Steen Treumer
Award of contracts covered by the EU Public Procurement rules in France - by Francois Lichere
Awarding of Contracts in German Procurement Law - by Martin Burgi
Award of contracts covered by EU Public Procurement rules in Italy - by Roberto Caranta & Mario E. Comba
Awarding of Contracts in Polish Procurement Law - by Marcin Spyra & Piotr Szwedo
Law - by D. Dragos, B. Neamtu & R. Suciu
Award Criteria and Award-Related Challenges under Spanish Public Procurement Law - by Albert Sanchez Graells
Awarding of public contracts in the United Kingdom - by Pedro Telles
Rejection of abnormally low and non-compliant tenders in EU public procurement: A comparative view on selected jurisdictions - by Albert Sanchez Graells
The electronic award of public procurement - by Gabriella M. Racca
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