Collaborative Innovation - In the Public Sector


ISBN13: 9788757436372

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Governments worldwide struggle to remove policy deadlocks and enact much needed reforms in organizational structure and public services. In this book, Jacob Tor­fing explores collaborative innovation as a way for public and private stakeholders to break the impasse.

Tor­fing draws on his own pioneering work in Europe as well as examples from the United States and Australia to construct a cross-disciplinary framework for studying collaborative innovation. The result is a theoretically and empirically informed book that carefully demonstrates how multi-actor collaboration can enhance public innovation in the face of ­ fiscal constraint, the proliferation of wicked problems, and the presence of unsatis­fied social needs.

The author
Jacob Torfing is a professor at Roskilde University, director of the Roskilde School of Governance in Denmark and a professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Nordland